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UNSTUCK: A Creative Catalyst Workshop
February 4, 2017 @ The Creative Tribe Studio in Downtown Tucson

Lately I’ve been seeing a lot of posts [on Facebook] about the many regrets people have just before they die. They’re not about wishing they’d made more money, or traveled to certain countries. They’re about not doing the things they really wanted to do, about not going for their dreams, about wishing they hadn’t been so afraid, or so stuck. That is so sad, right? This is so common, and begs the question: WHY is it so hard for us to do the things we dream of doing? The things we know we’d be great at? The things we’d enjoy the MOST???

Aren’t these the things we’d be the most motivated to do? The tastiest cheese we mice can chase?

The answer is, we ARE motivated. But we get stopped before we even start. Why? We’re scared. We’re scared of change. We’re afraid of failing, or succeeding, and the changes these things may bring. We’re afraid of disapproval, rejection, and a whole host of other ugly things. So, clever beings that we are, we put lots of roadblocks in our own way, without even knowing it. We make ourselves  stuck: with clutter that has to be cleaned before we can make that scary phone call, or by not having business cards yet, or not having the perfect website, or the right space, or whatever excuse we can come up with to stop ourselves from taking action. Worse yet, we keep ourselves stuck, sometimes for years and years, so we won’t have to answer the question “what if?” We think the consequences of taking risks will be too great, so we don’t bother trying.

“Before I took Carrie Seid’s workshop, I felt unsure of my own abilities as an artist, unable to pursue my lifelong goals, and generally scared to live. I wasn’t doing anything that stoked my creative fire, and the work I was producing was sub-par. The miraculous thing about her course was, she didn’t give any of us who took it anything we didn’t already have. She simply showed us a way, or rather, many ways to get out of the funk, to take off the chains put on us by societal norms and pressures. After completing her course, I felt uplifted, and endlessly supported by the community of people who came  together in this forum. I would highly recommend this workshop to anyone who wants to conquer their fears, learn how to fulfill their wildest dreams, and succeed in any aspect of their life.”
– Chris Hokin, sculptor, martial artist, actor, Los Angeles, California

Problem is: the personal costs of NOT trying for what we truly want are greater than the uncomfortable, awkward feelings that come with what I call “the Discomfort Zone.” Do you wish you could get yourself to just make that ONE call you know would start your new, dream business? To actually GET those business cards made? To turn off the TV and point yourself towards the bigger, better, happier things you’d rather be doing?

As a Champion Mistress of Distraction, I know what that feels like! I also know how great it feels to jump off those cliffs, one at a time, into increasingly uncomfortable discomfort zones, and how increasing creative risks brings greater and great success. Getting unstuck IS possible. You just need some TOOLS to help you do it!

My upcoming workshop “UNSTUCK” is a treasure chest of such tools. It’s an action packed day of laser-pointed strategies, exercises, and revelation-inducing activities to get YOU UNSTUCK and moving in a new direction, the direction you’d really, maybe even secretly, like to go.

In this one day workshop, you’ll learn:

(creative awareness)

  • the negative messages that formed your “creative blueprint”
  • the hiding, limiting beliefs you carry that keep you stuck
  • the “payoffs” for being stuck and staying stuck

(creative authenticity)

  • how to make huge mental shifts that will get you unstuck and KEEP you unstuck
  • how to trust yourself in a whole new way so that you make creative decisions with a level of confidence you’ve never had before
  • how to see tons of new possibilities for your creative, talented, brilliant self!

And, most importantly, strategies for getting you UNSTUCK:

(creative architecture)

  • how to protect your new ideas from naysayers
  • how to build a community of advocates and supporters
  • how to maintain and nurture your creative self on an ongoing basis!

Join me in beautiful Tucson, Arizona, February 4th and 5th for a full day of habit-busting, possibility-expanding, creativity-enhancing FUN.

The Details

UNSTUCK: A Creative Catalyst Workshop

February 4th, 2017 8:00am – 6:00pm
Creative Tribe Studio (236 S Scott Ave)

An Brunch Bash with Gemma Stone

February 5th, 2017 11am
COLO (510 N 7th Ave, Suite 120)

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