Working As An Artist in Consequential Times

Natural Awakenings Magazine – Tucson Edition

“Working As An Artist in Consequential Times: Carrie Seid”
By Carolyn King

July 2017

“Images take me apart; images put me back together again…
Art making is my way of bringing soul back into my life.
Art is my way of knowing who I am.”
~ Pat B. Allen

Pat Allen, author of the words above, lived her life through many roles. She was an art student, a teacher, an art therapist, a wife, mother and an artist. Her book, Art as a Way of Knowing, was written years ago, but is a perfect mirror and introduction to Carrie Seid, studio artist and Creativity Coach.

Born and raised in the Chicago area, Seid has lived in Tucson, wearing several hats, for the past 16 years. Like Allen, Seid has been an art student, teacher, wife, mother, practicing artist and also works in the arena of arts and healing as a Creativity Coach. Trained as a textile designer, the works she is most known for are luminous sculptural forms that include gauzey fabrics stretched and layered over rigid, box-like, illuminated structures. Her work has been shown and collected through galleries and museums around the country.

In addition to her practice as a studio artist, Seid serves as a Creativity Coach with individual clients and small groups. In this interview, she talks about her work and how life unfolded to bring her to this two-fold path as artist and healer.

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