“Biennial Has It’s Standouts”

Arizona Daily Star

“Biennial Has It’s Standouts”
By Charlotte Lowe-Bailey

June 29, 2001

But it’s not the face of art that resides outside the box — that which has seasoned and found it’s own voice and resonance and compels us to look freshly at content and medium.

The show’s pieces that do are those few that evoke strong response. Carrie Seid shows two subtly compelling works that are serenely sensual and technically intriguing. Both are silk stretched over a copper armature on plywood.

Shadows yield the color that varies with shape, although they appear hand-painted. In the vibrant orange “Cielito,” the shape within evokes the coiled spiral of a seashell with the tension of breasts pressing against a shirt.

“Cinda,” with it’s delicate porcelain white urged into a flesh pink at it’s center, suggests the breast bone of a large fowl or a wingspread.

These shapes are hard to define because they are new configurations to our eye, which along with a gentle graduation of color gives them their allure.