“An Engaging Display of Optical Dazzle”

Hyde Park Herald

“An Engaging Display of Optical Dazzle”
By Cara Glatt

December 3rd, 1997

The Hyde Park Art Center has mounted the perfect exhibition for the holiday season. At the time when Chicago is aglow with Christmas lights of every size and color, the Art Center is showing Illuminating. On entering the gallery, the viewer is immediately engaged by the display of optical dazzle.

Featuring works by artists who investigate light as a contextual element, the exhibition includes painting, sculpture, and assemblage. Eight artists- most of them from the Chicago area- examine the presence of light in their works. They use materials and forms that demonstrate the interaction of light and matter in the process of perceptual transformation. Each artist seeks to transcend the terrestrial by harnessing light as a medium of revelation, illusion, and penetration or spirituality.

Carrie Seid makes an intriguing “Amphorae #5,” of plywood, copper, mylar and silk. The like-shapes, of various sizes, mounted on the wall, give off a warm amber glow. It comes not from electricity, but from the mylar that emanates from behind the almost transparent silk.