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Creativity is intelligence having fun.
-Albert Einstein

“Carrie is a lightning bolt of great ideas, encouragement, and honesty. She helped me clear away the cobwebs of self-doubt so I could see my true value and power as an artist. And she kept me honest in sticking to that value. No more selling myself short!”
-Kimi Eisele, multidisciplinary artist, Tucson, Arizona

Hey! You with all that creative potential! Do you feel like your creativity is on hold? Is fear keeping you from trying something new? Are you looking for your authentic creative voice, or hoping to develop the one you have? If so, this workshop is for you.

Don’t let inertia stop you from pursuing your greatest dreams and goals.

Stop selling yourself short and honor your gifts!

Full Disclosure: This workshop is not about art, it’s about YOU. It doesn’t involve arts, crafts, studio practices, or brutal critiques! Creative Rescue is about OPTIONS: how to recognize and expand them in ways you’ve never done before. It’s about accelerating the process of pursuing your greatest creative desires with new-found confidence and joy.

“Before I took Carrie Seid’s workshop, I felt unsure of my own abilities as an artist, unable to pursue my lifelong goals, and generally scared to live. I wasn’t doing anything that stoked my creative fire, and the work I was producing was sub-par. The miraculous thing about her course was, she didn’t give any of us who took it anything we didn’t already have. She simply showed us a way, or rather, many ways to get out of the funk, to take off the chains put on us by societal norms and pressures. After completing her course, I felt uplifted, and endlessly supported by the community of people who came  together in this forum. I would highly recommend this workshop to anyone who wants to conquer their fears, learn how to fulfill their wildest dreams, and succeed in any aspect of their life.”
-Chris Hokin, sculptor, martial artist, actor, Los Angeles, California

Think you’re afraid to fail? You may also be afraid to succeed. What do success and failure have in common? Uncerainty! Creative people avoid risk when uncertainty becomes too uncomfortable.Well,The Comfort Zone is a nice place to visit, but you wouldn’t want to live there! It’s dull, colorless, and ultimately unfulfilling.

Creative growth requires risk. And taking risks requires TRUST; trust in your instincts, and trust in your future self. Creative Rescue will teach you how to trust yourself again, or maybe for the first time. Self-trust is essential to self-expression, and learning how to let your intuition guide you will liberate you in ways you may have only imagined.

Can you see the art you’re not making ?
The book you’re not writing ?

In this intensive session you will master:

  • How negative messages from others undermine your confidence and keep you from pursuing your greatest creative dreams
  • How to stop comparing yourself to others and define success on your own terms.
  • How to discover, nurture, and grow your creative voice… It’s inside you and just needs to know it’s safe to come out!
  • how to say no to thugs – the snarky gremlins in your own mind!
  • how to build confidence and self-trust so you can take greater creative risks.
  • Give yourself the tools to go from cubicle to studio if you’ve been longing to take that leap but don’t know how.
  • Re-frame and EXPAND your ideas about what’s possible for you.
  • See options you’ve never seen before that will serve you throughout your life!

What are you in the habit of thinking you can’t do? I can help you get un-stuck so you can stop putting off your life for another day. Whatever your discipline, or dream of one, I can show you how toparadigm JUMP into a new zone that may be foreign, yet manageable, challenging, and exciting. It’s time to use the good art supplies and the good ideas you’ve been hoarding or keeping hidden, even from yourself. What’s stopping you?

Seeing how fears, self-doubts, and anxiety have affected my own practice (and terrorized countless students of mine over the years), I’ve developed a curriculum that gets right to the heart of these matters with laser precision, so creative people can do what they do best: CREATE!

The starving artist stereotype has become cliché as a beret. With my 25 years as a professional artist, University Professor and consultant, I’ll show you how to go from “craving artist” to “thriving artist,” and stay there.

Your creativity is a living thing that needs nurturing, seducing, and maintenance! You need to feed it. Water it. Dress it up and take it out on dates, the full-on red lipstick, black dress kind. Creative work can be stressful, exhausting, and scary! In a very short amount of time, I’ll help you navigate the rough waters all creative people encounter, and show you how to re-fuel your artistic mojo for the long haul.

What makes your creativity want to come out and play? What kinds of enticing ideas give you butterflies in your stomach – the good kind? Re-kindle those flames by learning what makes your heart pound with excitement and what’s keeping you from loving your own process.

Has the lethargic state of being ‘blocked’ gone so long without recognition that you’re bored, unproductive, and just plain stuck? I hear your pain, because I know the symptoms of the blocked artist by heart. I’ve got solutions that are immediately actionable and holistically healing. This is my specialty, my prescriptions for the stalled, confused, closeted-artist’s soul. Or, if you just need a tune-up to elevate your practice, my strategies will accelerate your trip to the next level.

Give yourself the time and space to wine and dine your creative aspirations because you both deserve a restorative getaway. This workshop does not involve arts, crafts, or studio work of any kind. All you need to bring is an open mind, your favorite journal, and a bathing suit!

TRUST YOURSELF when making big decisions and taking risks.


“Carrie is by far and above the best art instructor I have ever had. She encouraged me to grow not only as an artist but as an individual as well. She truly cared about helping me become the artist I needed to be and not who she or anyone else ‘thought’ I should be. I cannot express how amazing this time spent with her has been.”
     -Fine Arts Student, University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ

Carrie Seid is a true teacher, completely committed to drawing out the best in students.She went far beyond the classroom to encourage my development and success, always pushing me to turn every project up to 11. I wish every aspiring artist could have this experience. Thanks, Carrie!”
    -Brookhart Jonquil, sculptor, Miami, Florida

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