Catalyze Your Creativity…

Catalyst is a holistic program of workshops and one-on-one consultations designed to re-calibrate your mindset about your enormous and expansive potential.

Can you see the art you’re not making? The book you’re not writing?

The art you create is an exact manifestation of how you envision your own capabilities.

You and I both know you could do so much more if only you knew what to do NEXT.

You wouldn’t believe how easily our creative selves become paralyzed by myths, stereotypes, and the disapproval of other people.

Consequently, we are constantly at risk of being plagued by

  • fear of rejection / failure
  • fear of success (yep, that’s a more subconscious one, but it’s in there!)
  • feeling stuck
  • feelings of inadequacy, never being good enough
  • not enough time, or money, or space, oh my!
  • not knowing how to get your work seen and sold

As a seasoned educator and accomplished artist, I know these feelings all too well, and have designed my programs to provide practical and immediately useful solutions to the many roadblocks creative people face.

Catalyst Training will take you from “craving artist”
into thriving artist.

O the lies that Craving artists have been told that keep them stuck, frustrated, anxious, and slow to make decisions! These would-be risk takers spend most of their could-be studio time on one thing: the fine art of procrastination!

Time’s a-waistin! Step away from Procrastination Station, put down the tortilla chips, and get those knowing hands moving!

Let’s face it: if you have a creative practice, you’re an entrepreneur. In a time when grants, and federal arts funding are on the endangered species list, it’s up to you to take risks and be the CEO of YOU, Inc. You need to re-kindle the flames for all of us, my gifted friend, because the world needs your ingenuity NOW.

These lies and myths are destructive and outdated. In this digital age, our toolbox has gotten so much bigger. It’s a great time to be your talented self, unafraid and unhindered!


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