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Wake up, Catalyzers!

2017 is nipping at our heels! I woke up at 4:30 this morning, my mind racing with tasks. Like many mornings before, I lay in bed making mental lists, imagining myself tackling everything with dispatch, while sipping a lovely Americano, dressed in a crisp, white shirt and black pants that mean business. Toss, turn, cough.

Then, unlike so many other mornings, I decided to spring out of bed and actually DO these things on my list. Sleep be damned, for now…there’s too much to do, say, and share. I threw on my jeans and grey sweater thingy and ran out the door, in the dark, looking for coffee and a place to write (my house currently resembles a snow globe filled with lovely family visitors and a seemingly endless supply of sugary treats).

I used to stay in “stuck mode” for weeks, months, and years, wondering when everything in my life would line up just right with the image I had in my mind, so I could get to work in that dreamy way I’ve imagined.

Eventually, thank you Lord (and Martha Beck), I got so sick of myself and my “one day…” attitude, I quit my job and took a chance on myself. I had been teaching part time for almost twenty years, getting paid like dirt so I could purportedly “support my art.” I wish I could say I only stayed in stuck mode for 3 years, or twelve, for that matter. But the truth is, I was scared. Who was I to be a full-time artist? How dare I use my days to enjoy my work in whatever way I choose? Who DOES that?

Turns out, a lot of people do. I’ve met many of them throughout the years, and studied them like anthropological specimens. When I meet these brave people, I always wonder: what makes them so sure they’ll succeed? How do they get the courage and confidence they exude with grace and ease? And, most importantly, how did they get this way?

It’s amazing, and sad, how we keep ourselves stuck. The power with which we convince ourselves we can’t, we shouldn’t, we don’t have what it takes, is immense and impressive. Can you imagine: if you used such conviction to do that new thing you want to do? To convince yourself you DO have what it takes to succeed? To pick up the phone? Quit your job? Move?

I can hear you telling me, “but Carrie, this is just the way I am. It’s the way I’ve always been.” Ok, have it your way. Staying stuck is a choice, your choice. But if, like me, you’ve gotten sick of your old stories, going in circles, and wishing you knew how get off your butt and do those great things you’re dreaming of, know this: Getting UNSTUCK is also a choice, and it’s a choice you have 24 hours a day. You just need the right tools to do it.

Even better news? These tools are easy to use, available all the time, and will serve you for years to come.

I’ve designed a workshop called UNSTUCK to shower you with such tools, hard skills and ideas to help you re-frame your image of yourself, so you can see what’s possible for you, the real, essential you, a person you might not even have met yet.

In this packed one day workshop you’ll learn:

  > how your mental “gremlins” and negative thought patterns came to be

  & how you interpreted negative messages and turned them into limiting beliefs

  & how limiting beliefs stifle your creativity and keep you STUCK!

This is no time to wait for crisp white shirts, my friends. No time to wait for your image of yourself to meet with reality. This is a time to act, in yesterday’s jeans, with the hair and eyebrows God gave you. Throw on some lip gloss if you must, I understand. But get moving, in ways large and small. See what you can do when you take your mind off of it!

Join me in sunny Tucson on Saturday, February 4th at 8am. I can’t wait to see what you can do when you realize who you aren’t.


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