Here’s a recipe for self-hatred: Make a long list of things you promise yourself you’ll do, don’t do them, head for the refrigerator, rinse, repeat. You know the drill. 

Generally, I believe in recycling, but some things, like numbers one through five on my list, are better served in the trash. No such list for me this year. Instead, I’m making a list called, “Things I finally accept as true.” Some contenders:

1. I accept that I will never have dishwasher pellets, dishwashing liquid, paper towels, cat litter, batteries, and fresh milk all in my house at the same time. 

2. I accept that my hair is simply too baby-fine for more than two layers to exist in any one quadrant on my head. 

3. I accept that my car will be trashed the day after it’s washed. 

4. Insert “house” for “car” in previous example.

This year, I’m ending my romance with perfectionism. Putting these battles in the past empowers me to carve new paths of inquiry.

Luckily, I’m not alone in this. Paradigm shifting takes a community of support, and these three shape-shifting superheroes are at the top of my list for inspiration: 

Kris Carr

Kris Carr, NYT best-selling author of Crazy Sexy Diet, is a gorgeous young woman with a rare form of “untreatable” cancer she is keeping at bay with green drinks and mentally re-framing her entire situation. How’s this for some Herculean acceptance: she refers to her spots of cancer as “beauty marks”. She doesn’t take fear for an answer.

Danielle LaPorte

Danielle LaPorte, author of The Firestarter Sessions, which Julia Cameron touts as “the new, badass version of The Artist’s Way.” She is one articulate badass, indeed: taking her readers through a step-by-step guide to transforming passions into livelihoods. Love this book, and her soft-spoken, stealth sassitude.

Susan Hyatt

Susan Hyatt, all-around magical person and author of Create Your Own Luck. She also happens to drink a lot of green things…could there be some kind of connection here? Hmmm … Check out her magically delicious land here

The great thing about accepting reality? It’s always here. Even better, it’s always changing, and we get to engineer most of it ourselves. Dream. Design. Build, toss, or keep. Frame. Then re-frame. 

Would you like to throw out your recycled resolutions and change the mind of person wielding the pen? 

Please join me for my January workshop on Creative Empowerment, which will focus on renewal and re-framing. This is a one-day intensive workshop that runs from 9am to 5pm and addresses multiple aspects of creativity and paradigm-shifting. This workshop is NOT just for artists! Email me at for more info or visit my Creative Empowerment page on Facebook, where you can register for my workshop on the event page.

Happy New Galactic Configuration! Time to hit the refresh button.


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