Talking Paradigm Shifts around the fire.

The old model definitely had its flaws! Let’s thank the Mayans for all their wisdom (not to mention great art, architecture, and killer sports), and pull up some blank paper and nice pens. Time to break out the good art supplies and the big dreams…you know, the ones you’ve been saving for “that day?” Well, that day, if you’re an optimist, is HERE. Or, as my twelve-year-old daughter put it to me, “Mommy, you’re still very young. You have your whole half a life ahead of you!”

On December 8th, we said so-long to 2012 and old ways of thinking and doing (or not doing, which I did quite a lot of this last year) at the Creative Confidence workshop I led at my home in Tucson. Twelve amazing people gathered around a fire pit in my backyard in the early morning cold, and together we began freeing ourselves from limiting beliefs and forging new paths for innovative thinking and ACTING.

Burning old negativity, igniting new paradigms.

I love the smell of negativity burning in the morning and the sound of paradigms shifting on the gravel under my feet. As each participant acknowledged and ‘fired’ the negative voices in their lives, we left a pile of mental junk burning while we headed into the studio for some big-time recalibrating. As I watched colorful vision boards evolving around me, I knew why I saved all those beautiful magazines. Behold the power of the little glue stick!

Workshop participants creating Vision Boards.

In seeking greater access to their own creativity, participants discovered new contexts for their ideas and new images upon which to dream. Best of all, they found each other. Future plans were made and support networks created. I was so happy to be able to teach everything I love, and nothing I don’t. For the first time as an educator, I got to give everyone straight As – Authorization, Authenticity, Audacity, Action, and Accountability.

Partners in Empowerment

As one participant wrote afterward,

“Carrie’s pathos was so evident. She has walked this path and wants to open her heart to others. This sincerity came across every moment. I would recommend this course to any person searching to boost their creative confidence. No matter where someone is in their journey, we can let go of the past, examine the present and set goals for the future.”

If you’re interested in enriching your creative journey and reclaiming your sense of play, I would love to see you at my next workshop on Saturday, January 19th, from 9am to 5pm.

Register early and save!

Workshop Fees:

Registration (by January 15th, 2013)

  • $325 for single attendee

  • $290 each if you register with a friend!

Remember, “play” is “work” without the judgment. To ring in the new year, give yourself the gift of yourself. Dust off your dreams and call them to ACTION.

Email me at to register, or join the event page on Facebook to get connected and learn more!

Happy New Everything!


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