I loved teaching art, but hated giving grades because I didn’t want to inhibit my students’ ability to take risks.  I consider risks and failure to be the lifeblood of creative output. Three years ago, I quit my university teaching job to pursue my own work and work with other artists on my terms.

As a university art instructor, I witnessed so many talented people crippled by fear when approaching their own creativity. Because of this, I’m fueled by a strong desire to share what I have learned about dispelling the fear of taking risks and making career decisions, questionable color combinations, or just plain “bad work.” Tomorrow, I’m thrilled to launch my new series of workshops on Creative Confidence. I’m looking forward to a lively interchange between a talented and diverse group of friends, colleagues, and former students who have become my contemporaries.

In tomorrow’s workshop, we will eliminate the mental blocks built by our fears through a multi-dimensional curriculum and bolster our confidence in any creative endeavor – not just those in the artistic fields.

Albert Einstein developed the concept of “possibility thinking,” giving oneself permission to think extraordinary things. I’m excited to finally have the opportunity to inspire people to be their extraordinary selves.

If you are interested in joining me for future workshops, please email me for a schedule of upcoming events.

See you tomorrow!


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